Congratulations to the Travel Team!

Congratulations to the BUIAA Travel Team! Our delegation to ChoMUN XV won Best Small Delegation this weekend! […]

Congratulations to the BUIAA Travel Team!

Our delegation to ChoMUN XV won Best Small Delegation this weekend! This is the first time in BUIAA History, hooray!

The Travel Team has undergone huge changes in the last new semester, with a new elected position as Head Delegate, a standing team, and weekly training sessions (along with frequent simulations). The entire team has put in immeasurable work, and it shows! Additional congratulations to these delegates who have won awards throughout the year:


  • Megan Kenslea, Best Delegate- Local Organizing Committee, Brazil 2014
  • Katrina Trost, Best Delegate- Women’s Voice Rising: Underground Council of Women, Iran 1909
  • Stephanie Cedeño and Kat Sorensen, Outstanding Delegate- Open Government Working Group 
  • Mitchell Hoke, Outstanding Delegate- NASA 2014
  • Samantha Weinberg and Stephanie Mann, Honorable Delegate- Ad Hoc UNSC
  • Oriana Zoghbi, Verbal Commendation- Operation Iraqi Freedom, Coalition Forces

  • Dustin Vandenberg and Kat Sorensen, Outstanding Delegation (first place)- Special Summit of Arab Heads of State
  • Ali Uslu and Young Woo Nam, Honorable Delegation, Special Summit of Arab-Turkish Relations
  • Brandon Tomkiewicz and Kayla Wodzicki, Honorable Delegation, Joint Defense Council


  • Colin Rosenow – Best Delegate , Russian Security Council, 2012
  • Hilary Lyons – Honorable Delegate , Central Tibetan Administration, 2012


  • Katrina Trost and Sam Leone- Best Delegate, Conference on Climate Change, Copenhagen 2009
  • Megan Kenslea- Outstanding Delegate, UNISDR
  • Hilary Lyons- Verbal Commendation, UNHCR
  • Colin Rosenow- Verbal Commendation, Mossad
  • Edd Rivera- Verbal Commendation, WHO
Nice work everyone! We can’t wait to see what is in store for next year.
  • Megan Kenslea- Best Delegate, UNESCAP
  • Katrina Trost and Sam Leone, Honorable Delegate- Munich Security Conference
  • Samantha Weinberg- Book Award, Italian Peninsula, 1500s
  • Megan Kensela- Honorable Delegate, JCC: The Cuban Missile Crisis, Ad Hoc Council of the Central Committee of the Communist Party