Current Headlines, and BarMUN VI SG Elections

Hey there, BUIAA! We’ve got a big week for you all on the horizon. Coming up, the […]

Hey there, BUIAA!

We’ve got a big week for you all on the horizon. Coming up, the talk of the town, the BarMUN VI Secretary General Elections!

These will occur during our regular weekly meeting, on Wednesday October 31st, at 7:30 pm in PHO 203. Our candidates for the position are Dustin Vandenberg and Cassidy Bissell.

We’ll have a short presentation period, followed by a Q&A with the audience electorate, and concluded with a brief closing statement. If you can’t make it to the election, please submit your absentee ballot to before 7:00 pm on Wednesday, October 31st.

To prepare, please read their proposals below before the election!

Cassidy Bissell – SG Proposal

Dustin Vandenberg – SG Proposal

In addition to this, we will also be hosting a shortened version of weekly Global Insights Discussion on the same day. After the candidates have said their share, and while the ballots are being counted, we will have our monthly Current Headlines discussion on the topic of your choice!

The options are:

  • The Northern Mali Insurgency
  • The Expanding Syrian Conflict: Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, and more
  • The Scottish Referendum: An Un-United Kingdom
  • The 18th Party People’s Congress: A Leadership Transition in China
Please vote for your choice of topic on our official Facebook page’s poll by 10:00 pm on Tuesday, October 30th. Whatever choice gets the most votes is what we’ll spend our time talking about.
It’s an exciting week. See you then!