Who’s Really in Charge? And BarMUN Feedback!

Congrats BUIAA, on a successful BarMUN V! We want to take a moment to give a big […]

Congrats BUIAA, on a successful BarMUN V! We want to take a moment to give a big thank you to all the staff who worked the conference and helped make this the most successful BarMUN yet.

An even bigger shout out is needed for the BarMUN V Secretariat! These guys spent a year working on making the conference what it was, and they did more than a phenomenal job.

With that being said, get ready for our Global Insights weekly meeting! In honor of that very same BarMUN, we’re going to be doing a bit of a special meeting.

For one, we’ll be meeting in the usual place of PHO 203, but from 7:30 until 9:00 pm instead of the usual only one hour.

For the first half hour, we’re going to take a look at the philosophical question that guided BarMUN V forward this year. That is, Who’s Really in Charge?

With a modern simulation of national cabinets, multinational corporations, revolutionary covert ops, intelligence agencies, and more, we tried to examine the question of who has the power in international relations during the modern day? In an age when there is no clear world order, and the power of the U.S. seems less of a world leader, we tried to figure out what defines the international system of today.

In a historical simulation of 1963, we examined an age when the world seemed clearly defined into a bipolar system. By intentionally not  simulating the USA or the USSR, however, we took a look at the perceived secondary players of the Cold War era, and saw how powers like France, Vietnam, the Sandinistas, and more drove international relations forward in that day and age.

Between these two tracks, we raised and tried to answer that central question of who has the power to define the international system and all of its affairs. In our discussion on Wednesday, we’ll use our perceptions of BarMUN and international relations more generally to answer this question ourselves.

Then, after this brief discussion, we will transition to BarMUN V feedback from 8-9 pm. For all those staffers who want to stay and contribute, we’ll be going over your opinions on the pre-conference and during conference operation of BarMUN V, and taking the time to get all your suggestions on how we can improve in the future.

Come out one last time as well, in order to say thank you again to the BarMUN secretariat and enjoy a nice recoup from this weekend of truly epic proportions.

See you then!