BarMUN IX LogoThe Boston Area Model United Nations Conference (BarMUN) is the collegiate conference hosted each October by Boston University’s International Affairs Association. BarMUN represents a standard of excellence and creativity unparalleled; the multi-disciplined, fast-paced, and interactive simulation truly sets it apart from the prototypical conference. BarMUN places an emphasis on non-governmental actors in order to consider a world influenced by visible and shadow actors. Delegates are challenged to respond and react to the decisions and actions their peers make throughout the conference. BarMUN IX recently passed, featuring committees including the Office of the Russian Prosecutor General and the Indonesian Intelligence Services in the Modern Track, and the Five Families of New York and the Court of Emperor Tang Xuanzong. We also ran our first ever Specialized committee, the International Court of Justice, and a very exciting Ad-Hoc Committee of the Secretary General, the Sons of Liberty. BarMUN this year was, without a doubt, the biggest and best ever: it took place for the first time ever at the beautifully renovated Questrom School of Business, and encompassed over 200 staff and over 350 delegates from 32 schools and 7 different countries around the world!

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