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BarMUN VII is now underway! Details will be forthcoming as planning begins in depth!

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The Boston Area Model United Nations Conference is the collegiate conferences hosted each October by Boston University’s International Affairs Association. BarMUN represents a standard of excellence and creativity unparalleled in any other Model United Nations simulation; the multi-disciplined, fast paced, and interactive simulation truly sets us apart from the prototypical conference. BarMUN places an emphasis on non-governmental actors, often overlooked, to add a true taste of reality. Delegates are challenged to respond and react to the decisions and actions their peers make throughout the conference.

BarMUN Facts:

  • 200+ collegiate delegates; 100 dedicated staff members
  • 1 Crisis Director per committee
  • Fully Integrated Committee Tracks– each committee has the ability to contact, manipulate, threaten, demand, and react to every other committee within their track.

How do I become part of the staff?

It’s very easy!  All you have to do is fill out a simple staff application.  No Model UN experience is necessary. After you fill this application out, you will be contacted by one of our Chief Crisis Coordinators to set up a brief interview time.

If at any point you have question, don’t hesitate to email Dustin Vandenberg, our Secretary General for BarMUN at

Additional Information:

Do I have to have previous Model UN experience?

Absolutely not!  Our staff training program and our experience senior staff members will give you all the confidence and support you need.  BarMUN is not just about exploring in-depth issues of international politics, but also about having a lot of fun.

I don’t go to Boston University.  How do I find out more about BarMUN and how to register?

The quickest way to find out more about BarMUN to visit the conference website.

You can always email the Secretary General ( or Chargé D’Affaires ( to gather any additional information or request an information packet.


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