BeanMUN (Our Conference in China!)

Every year, Weland International cooperates with nine world-class Model United Nations conferences from around the globe to present the WeMUN Expo in Beijing, China! It is an enormous Model UN conference composed of individual sub-conferences organized by top universities, including BU.

We work with schools such as Harvard, Yale, UPenn, and Georgetown to bring smaller versions of our respective high school conferences (i.e. BosMUN) to delegates in China and across the Asian continent. There are also European, Middle Eastern, Latin American, and even U.S. schools that attend!

It is a great opportunity to travel across the world, meet international students, bond with Model UN clubs from other colleges, and be a part of an overall fantastic experience!

The 2013 BeanMUN Team

The 2013 BeanMUN Team!


The WeMUN Expo features:

1. 2500 participants, including 500 international student delegates,

WeMUN Expo will bring approximately 2500 delegates from all over the world. Chinese students, from 150 renowned high schools in 30 different cities took 2000 places in WeMUN Expo’s conference. The 500-international-student body was composed of students from nearly 30 countries in the Americas, Western Europe, Western Asia and Africa.

2. The Real Internationalized Conference,

Eight of the world’s top high-school level conferences — Weland Model UN Conference (WeMUN), Boston University Model UN (BeanMUN), Harvard Model UN (HMUN), the Ivy League Model UN Conference (ILMUNC), Model UN of University of Chicago (MUNUC), Berkeley Model UN (BMUN), North America Invitational Model UN (NAIMUN) and The Hague International Model UN (THIMUN) — worked together for the first time in history. Elite students from both American and European Model UN collaborate to create a first-class MUN experience, and Assistant Directors from around the world are recruited to aid the collegiate level Directors.

3. Outstanding Academic Excellence

WeMUN Expo 2010 adopts WeMUN’s working styles. Therefore, all the relevant academic documents are written by international directors, all of whom have rich experience in Model UN conferences. In addition to international directors’ guidance for delegates throughout the entire conference, special experts and guest speakers attend to deliver speeches relevant to committee topics. 

4. Innovative Conference Settings

WEMUN EXPO is co-hosted by eight different conferences, each of which send a team of its most academically accomplished and characterizing members. The conference aims to bring the youth back the original impression of Model UN, to lead and educate the young generation to change the world by making use of their imaginations and firm actions. Connected by crises, delegation discussions and press conferences, WeMUN Expo guides participants to think more insightfully and effectively about their discussion topics. Three different sets of rules and procedure, as well as the creative committees, provide the delegates with a challenging conference with many academic requirements and a competitive environment.

5. A Variety of External Activities

A complete Model UN conference is not only composed of intense discussions and debates but also a diplomacy and networking experience. Aiming to promote the idea, WeMUN Expo organized a variety of external sessions such as:

  • Embassy panels — inviting diplomats from embassies and related organization, as well as UN officials to deliver lectures to delegates;
  • College panels — using the vast resource of college level students to provide useful information to the high-school students present;
  • Global Village — A multi-cultural exhibition. Delegates applied and prepared to showcase their respective homelands, which included countries’ indigenous costumes, souvenirs, performances, food and printed flyers;
  • Masquerade Dance Party — an opportunity to make new friends with people of different nationality and culture, as well as to display each delegate’s talent and personal charisma.