Executive Board

samsherman louise Shivansh

President: Sam Sherman

Sam is a senior studying International Relations and Middle East and North Africa (MENA) studies at Boston University’s Pardee School of Global Studies. Originally from Jupiter (it’s a real place in Florida, promise), he has learned to love the snowy winters in Boston. Perpetually restless, he prefers standing rather than sitting in almost any situation and wandering aimlessly around cities for fun. He has served as both the Modern Crisis Coordinator for BU’s collegiate conference BarMUN VII as well as Operations Director of BosMUN XV. Outside of Model UN, Sam spends most of his time thinking about political trends in the Arab world, hypothesizing who will die next in Game of Thrones, and eating Sour Patch Watermelons. Sam is thrilled to serve as President for the upcoming 2016-2017 academic year!

Vice President: Louise Carbery

Louise is a Senior in the College of Arts and Sciences with a major in Political Science with a minor in The School of Public Health. She is originally from Chicago Illinois, and while she loves the Midwest is a New Englander at heart. Outside of BUIAA, Louise is an active member of the Boston Political community and a water aerobics instructor. In her spare time, Louise enjoys weird workout trends, anything Scandinavia related, and listening to excessive amounts of NPR. After graduation, Louise hopes to combine her love of Science and Public Policy to reform the US healthcare system, but will settle for any job at NPR.

Treasurer: Shivansh Chaturvedi

Shivansh – or Shiv, if you prefer – is a sophomore Trustee Scholar in the Kilachand Honors College, studying Economics and Mathematics. While born and raised in seven cities across India, he has spent the last seven years in Nairobi, Kenya: the place he calls home. Throughout his time in Kenya, Shivansh was heavily involved with MUN, and attended international conferences around the world as co-president of the MUN program at his high-school. His international exposure and upbringing, combined with his love for economics, have led to his hope to work for the World Bank towards economic development and sustainability. Currently serving as Conference Affairs Director for BosMUN XVI, Shivansh is also an International Peer Mentor, an Ambassador for the Kilachand Honors College, a Kanye West and The Weeknd enthusiast, and an international travel aficionado (21 countries down, countless more to go).

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Secretary: Sara Van Velkinburgh

Sara is a junior in the Pardee School of Global Studies majoring in International Relations and minoring in Spanish. She is originally from Denver, Colorado, which she adamantly insists is the West Coast. While she loves the life of the city, she loves escaping to the mountains to hike, bike, ski, and snowboard, or curl up with a good book. She enjoys traveling and has spent the last two summers living in South America. Outside of BUIAA Sara is heavily involved in BU’s Tango Initiative. She can’t wait for another fantastic year with BUIAA!

Marketing Director: Nikta Khani

Nikta, who normally goes by Nikki, is a freshman pursuing a double major in International Relations and Middle East and North Africa Studies (MENA). She hails from Orange, CT, a small suburb outside of New Haven. Nikki is an art aficionado who loves all things in the Arabesque and Baroque styles or by Klimt, Vermeer, Hopper, and Neshat. Nikki is bilingual (English and Farsi) and hopes to become fluent in Arabic as well. Nikki’s passion for International Relations is rooted in her close connection to her Iranian heritage. In her spare time, you can find Nikki browsing Saint Laurent catalogs and traveling (20 countries thus far). Most importantly, in her short time at BU, Nikki has fell in love with BUIAA and is excited to serve as the Marketing Director for Spring 2017!

Head Delegate: Jessica Mansur

Jessica is a junior in the College of Arts and Sciences studying Economics. While the logistics are still in question, she continues to hold on to her lofty dream of helping save the world. Specifically, she is interested in poverty alleviation and how government structure influences economic stability. Jessie considers herself a true Midwestern, having been born and raised in a suburb of St. Paul, Minnesota. She has loved being able to explore Boston and experience all that the East Coast has to offer. Outside of BUIAA, Jessie can be found updating her Spotify playlists religiously, trying any and all new foods, and reliving her favorite seasons of Survivor. Jessie is very excited to be this year’s Head Delegate and cannot wait to see the Travel Team through what’s sure to be its most successful year yet!

gaya naomi Henrik Choy Bio

Secretary General of BarMUN: Gayathri Angou

Gayathri Angou is a sophomore pursuing Mechanical Engineering with concentrations in Technologies Innovation and Energy Technologies. Gayathri serves as the Secretary General for BUIAA’s Boston Area Model United Nations Conference (BarMUN) in its tenth installation. She is passionate about sustainable development and renewal energy policy and hence BUIAA ties in well with her goals. Gayathri has been an active member of BUIAA since freshmen year and is excited to see BarMUN X shape up into a fruitful conference for all those involved.

Secretary General of BosMUN:Naomi Carolan

Naomi is a junior majoring in International Relations and minoring in Statistical Methods. She hails from Atlanta Georgia, although she can happily say she has officially acclimated to the cold climate of Boston. Apart from working on BosMUN, Naomi is the secretary for Delta Phi Epsilon, and traveling to compete in Model UN conferences. On the side, she loves photography, traveling, and binging on chocolate covered pretzels. Her greatest passion, of course, is BosMUN, and she can’t wait to make BosMUN XVII the best BosMUN yet!

Global Civics Director: Henrik Choy

Henrik is a junior at Boston University studying International Relations with a focus in International Business and Politics in Europe. He is the Director of Global Civics for the 2016-2017 academic year. He is from the San Francisco Bay Area in Northern California, where the East Bay hills never fail to give him a sense of nostalgia and peace. Despite growing up in a quiet suburb, Henrik enjoys city life and thinks it is normal to wake up to the loud sounds of construction and garbage trucks. A history buff, he enjoys travelling to see historical sights as well as watching documentaries after a long day (which explains why he is also a History minor). Outside of the work world, you will find Henrik wandering around the Boston area, losing his voice at BU hockey games, enjoying a meal at a restaurant, and reading books with a cup of coffee.

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Co Editor-In-Chief of the IR Review: Anushka Pinto

Anushka is the Co Editor-in- Chief of the IR Review. With an interest in writing and design, her role includes editing submissions and contributing to the layout as well as overseeing and managing the entire publication. As a junior and a College of General Studies (CGS’15) alumnus, Anushka has continued into the Pardee School of Global Studies within the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS’17) and is pursing a degree in International Relations and a minor in Chinese. Her academic interests include war history, especially the Second World War, and Chinese language studies. Currently in her fifth semester of Chinese, Anushka hopes to be able to study abroad in Shanghai and fully immerse herself in the Chinese language and culture. In addition to Co Editor-in-Chief of the IR Review, she is very involved in Boston University’s Student Government Association and is Treasurer of the Asian Studies Initiative (ASIABU).

Co Editor-In-Chief of the IR Review: Morgan Peterson

Morgan is a junior double majoring in International Relations with a concentration in the Environment and Development in Latin America, and Spanish Language. Morgan has travelled all across Latin America, falling in love with the diverse cultures and peoples the region has to offer. She also has special interests in women’s education and empowerment, recently fulfilling a local internship in the field. When she is not hard at work you can find her reading an interesting book at a coffee shop, exploring the historic streets of Boston, or sampling delicious food at a local restaurant. For further inquires concerning the International Relations Review or to contact Morgan personally please email irr@buiaa.org.

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