Executive Board

Eric Kashdan | President

Eric is a senior studying both International Relations and Political Science. He traveled great distances (all the way from one of Boston’s closest suburbs) to attend BU. His journey was worth it, however, due in large part to the amazing experiences he’s had as a member of the BUIAA since his joining freshman year. Now serving as President, he hopes to see the club keep growing to new heights, offering the best programs possible for members to truly engage in international affairs. Outside of BUIAA, he likes to sing, read comic books, and produce short films. Also, make sure to look out for him on the dance floor!

Tuaha Mubarak | Vice-President

Tuaha Mubarak is a junior studying International Management and Marketing at the School of Management. Being from Lahore, Pakistan, he loves to discuss international affairs and that is why he instantly fell in love with Model UN once he joined the BUIAA. Starting off as a crisis staffer his freshman year, Tuaha served as the Under Secretary General for Specialized Agencies at BosMUN XII, and is thrilled to serve as your Vice President for 2013-2014. When free, Tuaha loves to travel, cook, try different cuisines, sing, and write. If you like keeping up with international affairs and TV Shows, watching every new blockbuster, listening to all kinds of music, and expanding your horizons, we are sure that you and Tuaha will get along pretty well.

Prithvi Hingorani | Treasurer

Prithvi is a junior majoring in Economics. He is originally from New Delhi, India but calls Boston his hometown. He’s been a part of the BUIAA since freshman year, serving on the secretariat for BU’s high school MUN conference (BosMUN) twice, staffing BU’s collegiate conference BarMUN, and participating on the collegiate circuit with the BUIAA Travel Team. When he isn’t doing school/BUIAA stuff, you can find him soaking up the sun on BU Beach, or just casually people-watching.

Alix Neenan | Secretary

Alix is a sophomore studying International Relations and Arabic. Alix has been involved in BUIAA since her first week at BU. In addition to being secretary, Alix serves on the BarMUN secretariat as Chief Operations Officer. She is originally from Connecticut, but has found a deep appreciation for the fickle weather patterns of Boston.  When she isn’t doing all things BUIAA and IR, Alix loves wearing Lilly Pulitzer prints, watching “The Bachelor,” baking (and eating) cupcakes, and playing piano.

Hannah Lowry | Marketing Director

Hannah is a sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences studying International Relations and Economics. Originally from Houston, she has lived in England and Switzerland but travelled back to the US to attend Boston University, and from her experiences abroad, she speaks spanish, german, and english (of course). She has been involved in BUIAA since the first weeks of her freshman year, travelling with the MUN team and holding the position of Chargee D’ Affairs on the BarMUN VI secretariat. Outside of school, she writes for numerous music blogs and magazines, snowboards, goes to concerts and designs.

Dustin Vandenberg | BosMUN XIII Secretary-General

Dustin is a junior studying Science & Technology Policy, Computer Science, and Chinese. Dustin has grown to love model UN for its mix of public speaking, politics, and international affairs. Dustin has been involved with BosMUN throughout his entire college career, serving as both staff and on the secretariat in past years. In his free time, he absolutely loves skiing back home in Colorado. In addition, he competes on BU’s Model UN Travel Team, Mock Trial Team, and Curling Team. He is excited to serve as the Secretary General as we prepare for the one-of-a-kind conference known as BosMUN XIII!

Julie George | BarMUN VII Secretary-General

Julie is a Sophomore studying Political Science and pursuing a minor in English. Born and raised on Long Island in a quiet suburb, Julie loves the change of atmosphere with the hustle and bustle of Boston. Her love for Model United Nations began in early high school and has magnified in college with her participation in BUIAA. She was a co-chair for BarMUN V as well as the Chief Financial Officer of BarMUN VI. In addition, Julie’s passion for international affairs is a product of being a part of the BUIAA’s Model United Nations Travel team. When Julie is not debating about controversial, worldly issues, she is an avid BBC reader, Food Network addict, and traveler. Julie is ecstatic to be the Secretary-General of BarMUN VII and cannot wait for the conference to take place!

Maddie Rosenberger | IR Review Editor-in-Chief

A Los Angeles native, Maddie Rosenberger is a senior double majoring in magazine journalism and cultural anthropology. She aspires to be a foreign correspondent some day, traveling the globe with a pen and paper. Maddie has been on the editing staff for The International Relations Review since her freshman year at BU and is now in her second and sadly last term as Editor-in-Chief. When she isn’t editing submissions or writing about the wonderful people she meets and things she sees, you can usually find her wandering around Boston with a camera in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other!

Katrina Trost | Model UN Head Delegate

Katrina is a Senior majoring in Political Science. Hailing from Kansas, Katrina has lived all over the place. She recently returned from Haifa, Israel, where she studied Arabic, Hebrew and Peace and Conflict Resolution. She has been involved in BUIAA since her freshman year, including two secretariats, the IRR and countless travel teams. She is excited to be heading up the Model UN travel team, and meeting new members. Katrina is a lover of tea, traveling, and a good beat.