Executive Board

Tuaha Mubarak | President

Tuaha is a senior in Boston University’s School of Management studying Business Administration and Marketing. He is originally from Lahore, Pakistan, and loves addressing misconceptions about it. Once he joined the club as a crisis staffer his freshman year, he instantly fell in love with BUIAA and all that it had to offer. Since then, Tuaha has served as the Under Secretary General at BosMUN XII, Vice President for the year 2013-2014, and his passion for public speaking dragged him to every Travel Team & Global Insights meeting. When free, Tuaha loves traveling, cooking, trying different cuisines, singing and writing. If you like human rights, keeping up with international affairs, all TV shows, international music, and drinking Shirley Temples, we are sure that you and Tuaha will get along pretty well.

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Cassidy Bissell | Vice-President

Cassidy is a senior at BU, studying both Political Science and Public Relations. Hailing from the great peninsula of Cape Cod, she loves being in the outdoors, the season of winter, and all types of seafood. She has been with BUIAA since almost before her freshman year – as a delegate at BosMUN IX and X. From her freshman year on, she’s staffed both BarMUN and BosMUN, served on the BarMUN V secretariat, competed with the travel team, and helped to launch Global Civics-and has loved every minute of it. In her free time, Cassidy enjoys spending hours on Pinterest (really just looking at the food), reading about the American history and politics, and obsessing over pictures of her newborn niece. As VP, Cassidy wants to make everyone love BUIAA as much as she has loved it during her time at BU. She also enjoys being sassy-because who doesn’t need a little sass in their lives?

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Sam Sherman | Treasurer

Sam is a sophomore majoring in International Relations with a minor in Arabic. He has been a part of the BUIAA since freshman year, competing on the Travel Team and serving as Modern Crisis Coordinator for BarMUN VII. As a native of Florida, Samuel enjoys going to the beach, being outdoors, and sun in general. He is also an avid sports fan who loves anything and everything New England related.


Patricia Perez | Secretary

Patricia is a junior studying Political Science and minoring in Anthropology. Ever since arriving to BU from the island of enchantment, Puerto Rico, she has participated in all things BUIAA. She is extremely interested in Latin America and its role in the world. Among other things, Patricia is obsessed with make-up, books, and food. When she’s not doing anything BUIAA related you can find her racing through books of every genre or watching make-up tutorials on YouTube. She’s honored to be part of the BUIAA e-board and can’t wait for the year ahead!

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John Benducci | Marketing Director

John is a sophomore in the School of Management majoring in Marketing with a minor in International Relations. He is originally from Dumont, New Jersey – a small town that he has lived in his entire life before coming to BU. Outside of executive board, John served as the Chargé d’Affaires for BarMUN VII, is a proud member of the Travel Team, volunteers at the Community Service Center, and has recently become a member of Sigma Alpha Lambda. In his spare time, John loves watching reality television (e.g. Survivor, Big Brother, and RuPaul’s Drag Race), playing Just Dance, Mario Kart, and Super Smash Bros., and baking Pumpkin Nutella Cheesecake.

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Brandon Tomkiewicz | BosMUN XIV Secretary-General

Brandon is a senior at Boston University studying International Relations, Political Science, and Chinese. He is originally from Western New York, where he surprisingly fell in love with world affairs and politics. Brandon has staffed both BosMUN and BarMUN in the past. Last year, he had the honor of being the USG for Crisis Committees for BosMUN XIII. In his free time, Brandon likes to watch Netflix, hang out with friends, and prowling the internet for pug memes. Brandon is really excited to share the BosMUN experience with both delegates and staff. He guarantees that the conference will be an amazing time that you will not want to miss.

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Sathvika Ramachandran | BarMUN VIII Secretary-General

Coming from Sugar Land, Texas, Sathvika is a sophomore double majoring in International Relations and Psychology and specializing in International Systems and World Order in South Asia. Sathvika found her love for Model UN during her freshman year at BU, and since then she has thoroughly enjoyed staffing conferences, traveling on the circuit, and discussing world affairs. Apart from BUIAA, Sathvika is also an Executive Board member of the Undergraduate Psychology Association and participates in a prison book club with inmates in Framingham, Massachusetts.  Sathvika is honored to serve as the Secretary-General for BarMUN VIII, and she looks forward to one incredible conference experience. You can reach her by email at sg@barmun.org with any questions.

Vincent Jordan | IR Review Editor-in-Chief

Vincent is senior majoring in International Relations and minoring in French. His academic interests include security and intelligence studies, international energy issues and Asian regional studies. His love for journalism led him to the IR Review last year and this year he hopes to put out an even stronger product. When he’s not editing submissions or laying out the IRR, he can be found reading, drinking tea, or playing guitar (in addition to copious amounts of Netflix). He can be reached for questions about and submissions to the IRR at irr@buiaa.org.

Claudia Morera | Model UN Head Delegate

Claudia is a senior majoring in International Relations and minoring in French. Hailing from Caracas, Venezuela, Claudia moved to Boston when she was 12 and has been a proud resident of Brookline ever since.  She is just returning from spending a year studying abroad in Paris at SciencesPo and can’t be more excited to be serving as BUIAA’s Vice President. Claudia got involved her freshman year with BUIAA as a crisis staffer for BosMUN and has been hooked ever since. She was an avid participant of the Travel Team her sophomore year and served as Secretary on the Eboard during her second semester sophomore year. In her spare time Claudia enjoys traveling, discovering new foods, and watching obsessive amounts of television (Netflix was basically created for her).