Global Civics

For those who are interested in using the skills and knowledge they gain from BUIAA and their coursework to make a difference in their community, Global Civics serves as a link between Boston University and high schools nearby. All it takes to inspire a student and change their life forever can be one lesson, and Global Civics recognizes that. Whether it be about global poverty or gender equality, the 2016 United States election or the Israel-Palestine conflict, Global Civics engages high schoolers with weekly lessons in order to educate them about the world around them, and inspire them to pursue careers and lifestyles as changemakers, themselves. Most of our members begin with little to no previous teaching experience and work together as a team to create and teach lesson plans and create the most impactful experience possible for our students.

As the community service branch of BUIAA, our goal is not only to inform high school students of current issues in international relations, but also to encourage students to examine how global events and trends impact their lives. We teach regular lessons in local high schools on a variety of topics which have included globalization, the Arab Spring, economics, public health, and fundamentals of the UN. Topics change based on the needs of the classroom and our teachers’ particular interests and expertise.

We as creators of better “Global Civics” not only foster the growth and development of our students, but also create a platform for BU students to mature and develop important skills such as public speaking, communication, and community involvement. Our lessons go beyond the fundamental material taught in high school classes, allowing our students to develop their own perspectives on international issues.

Please reach out to if you have any further questions, or want to get involved.



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