Global Programs


BUIAA’s Global Programs encompasses our annual event Global Village, internationally themed events, and Global Insights, our weekly discussion forum.

Global Village is our annual exposition of cultural organizations held as a part of BUIAA’s Alumni Weekend. Last year we had the Francophone Association, BU’s Pakistani Students, and Alanza Latina, as well as several other student organizations. By far one of BUIAA’s favorite events, it has always been a great success and has been enjoyed by the BU community, BUIAA members, and BUIAA alumni alike.

Similarly, in the upcoming year BUIAA will be striving to host more internationally themed events. Our last Global Village is remembered for its delicious cuisine, from Turkish to Brazilian to Mexican, and beautiful performances, from salsa to hip hop.

The IAA is always open to co-hosting events with other clubs and organizations; if you are interested in forming a partnership, please contact We will be posting a schedule of all events here in the near future. All events are open not only to BUIAA members, but to the Boston University community as a whole.

Last but certainly not least, is Global Insights, our weekly discussion forum. Global Insights addresses controversial topics and provides a respectful, engaging, and welcoming setting for discussion. Topics in the past have included Je Suis Charlie, the death penalty, and the most recent Scottish Referendum. Global Insights represents the core of BUIAA’s values: bringing together students from all backgrounds and beliefs each week to share ideas, learn from one another, and inspire each other to be global citizens with the ability to have an impact on the world around them.

If you have any questions about any of our Global Programs or would like more information about them, please reach out to us at

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