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Here you will find several key resources to being a delegate at a Model UN conference and a member of our club!

Public Documents

BUIAA Organizational Chart

Click here to find out how our club is structured, along with what positions are available, elected and application based.

BUIAA Constitution

This is the governing document of our organization.

BUIAA Election Procedure and Policy

Please refer to this document if you have any questions about election protocol or procedure. Please note that this guide does not supersede the official constitution.


In addition, the Best Delegate Blog is a great resource for Model UN news, articles and tips!

Suggestion and Event Proposal Form

We invite all members, regardless of prior engagement or experience, to share their ideas with us.  Please use this form if you have an idea for a lecture event, guest speaker, or would like to suggest a weekly meeting topic.  Additionally, let us know if you have any suggestions about different kinds of meeting styles you’d like to see, be it open discussions, debates, or etc.

General thoughts on anything and everything are welcome too. We’d love to hear them!
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