Travel Team Honors and Awards

The BUIAA Travel Team is currently ranked 11th in North America.



  • Katrina Trost - Best Delegate, The Muslim Brotherhood, 2012
  • Alix Neenan - Outstanding Delegate, Cabinet of the Republic of Biafra
  • Chaya Rusk - Outstanding Delegate, The Banana Wars: Nicaragua, 1912
  • Krystian Zawodniak - Outstanding Delegate, 21st Meeting of the ASEAN Regional Forum
  • Julie George - Honorable Delegate, The Organization of African Unity
  • Anna Jacobs - Honorable Delegate, National Assembly of the Republic of Korea, 2012


  • Dustin Vandenberg - Best Delegate, Anonymous: Hacktivism
  • Katrina Trost - Honorable Delegate, UNSC, 1956
  • John Benducci & Lauren Chung - Verbal Commendation, DISEC
  • Patricia Perez & Sathvika Ramachandran - Verbal Commendation, Legal


  • Hannah Lowry & Katrina Trost – Best Delegates, United Nations Trusteeship Council
  • Eric Kashdan - Best Delegate, Joint: Bid for 2020 World’s Fair: Guangzhou, PRC
  • Sathvika Ramachandran & Sam Sherman - Honorable Delegates, United Nations Special Session on Aging
  • Alix Neenan – Honorable Delegate, United Nations Human Rights Council
  • Jacob Jensen - Book Award, The Great Empire


  • Alix Neenan - Verbal Commendation, Ikh Khuraldai of the Mongol Empire, 1227 
  • Tammy Chen & Krystian Zawodniak - Verbal Commendation, World Health Organization


  • Camila Camborda - Best Delegate, Inter-American Development Bank
  • Alix Neenan - Best Delegate, Republic of Chile
  • Claire Laurence - Honorable Delegate, Republic of Ecuador
  • Patricia Perez - Honorable Delegate, Boliviarian Republic of Venezuela


  • John Benducci & Teresa Morin - Outstanding Delegates, 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China
  • Prithvi Hingorani - Outstanding Delegate, The World’s Columbian Exposition of 1893
  • Camila Camborda - Honorable Delegate, Government of the Chilean Junta


Outstanding Small Delegation Award

  • Colin Rosenow – Best Delegate, News Corp Board of Directors, 2011
  • Katrina Trost – Outstanding Delegate, Summit of the Resistance: Europe Underground, 1942
  • Dan Freehling – Outstanding Delegate, Mexican Cartels 2014 JCC: Zetas
  • Caitlin Lesczynski – Outstanding Delegate, ZANU-PF Steering Committee
  • Travis Cunningham – Outstanding Delegate, Prague Spring 1968 JCC: Soviet Politburo
  • Eric Kashdan – Honorable Delegate, Special Meeting of the Chinese Politburo, 2017
  • Claudia Morera  - Verbal Commendation, Mexican Cartels 2014 JCC: Zetas

Outstanding Small Delegation Award

  • Sam Leone & Katrina Trost - Best Delegates, SPECPOL
  • Travis Cunningham - Outstanding Delegate, Mesoviridae Containment Unit
  • Angela Farmer & Claudia Morera – Honorable Delegates, Legal
  • Amal Hechehouche & Alix Neenan – Honorable Delegates, UNRWA
  • Dan Freehling - Verbal Commendation, American Civil War JCC: Union
  • Hannah Lowry & Patricia Pérez - Verbal Commendation, DISEC
  • Edd Rivera - Verbal Commendation, World Bank

Best Small Delegation Award

  • Claudia Morera & Sam Leone - Best Delegates, SOCHUM
  • Hannah Lowry - Best Delegate, Fourth Emergency Session – Congo Crisis 1960
  • Colin Rosenow – Outstanding Delegate, American War on Organized Crime 1960s JCC – Government
  • Caitlin Lesczynski & Dustin Vandenberg – Book Award (3rd), World Health Summit
  • Edward Rivera - Book Award (3rd), Frost/Nixon JCC – Frost
  • Mitchell Hoke - Book Award (3rd), Triple JCC – Rwanda 1993


  • Travis Cunningham & Alexandra Neenan – Outstanding Delegates, UNHRC
  • Claudia Morera & Hannah Lowry – Honorable Delegates, SOCHUM


  • Travis Cunningham – Outstanding Delegate, Cabinet of Taiwan
  • Samantha Weinberg – Honorable Mention, Cabinet of the Philippines
  • Prithvi Hingorani – Honorable Mention, Petroleum & Natural Gas Summit
  • Hannah Lowry – Verbal Commendation, Cabinet of the People’s Republic of China

Outstanding Small Delegation Award

  • Colin Rosenow – Best Delegate, Falkland War JCC: Proceso de Reorganización Nacional (Argentina)
  • Julie George – Best Delegate, The Meiji Restoration
  • Claudia Morera & Alexandra Neenan – Outstanding Delegates, Defending America
  • Samantha Weinberg – Honorable Delegate, South Yemeni Movement, 2010
  • Hannah Lowry & Prithvi Hingorani – Honorable Delegates, The Cabinet of Rajiv Gandhi
  • Dustin Vandenberg & Angela Farmer – Honorable Delegates, Biotechnology in Food Security Working Group
  • Travis Cunningham  - Verbal Commendation, The European Frontier: East Germany



  • Colin Rosenow - Best Delegate , Russian Security Council, 2012
  • Hilary Lyons - Honorable Delegate , Central Tibetan Administration, 2012


  • Katrina Trost and Sam Leone- Best Delegate, Conference on Climate Change, Copenhagen 2009
  • Megan Kenslea- Outstanding Delegate, UNISDR
  • Hilary Lyons- Verbal Commendation, UNHCR
  • Colin Rosenow- Verbal Commendation, Mossad
  • Edd Rivera- Verbal Commendation, WHO
  • Megan Kenslea- Best Delegate, UNESCAP
  • Katrina Trost and Sam Leone, Honorable Delegate- Munich Security Conference
  • Samantha Weinberg- Book Award, Italian Peninsula, 1500s
  • Megan Kensela- Honorable Delegate, JCC: The Cuban Missile Crisis, Ad Hoc Council of the Central Committee of the Communist Party
  • Dustin Vandenberg and Kat Sorensen, Outstanding Delegation (first place)- Special Summit of Arab Heads of State
  • Ali Uslu and Young Woo Nam, Honorable Delegation, Special Summit of Arab-Turkish Relations
  • Brandon Tomkiewicz and Kayla Wodzicki, Honorable Delegation, Joint Defense Council

Best Small Delegation Award

  • Megan Kenslea, Best Delegate- Local Organizing Committee, Brazil 2014
  • Katrina Trost, Best Delegate- Women’s Voice Rising: Underground Council of Women, Iran 1909
  • Stephanie Cedeño and Kat Sorensen, Outstanding Delegate- Open Government Working Group 
  • Mitchell Hoke, Outstanding Delegate- NASA 2014
  • Samantha Weinberg and Stephanie Mann, Honorable Delegate- Ad Hoc UNSC
  • Oriana Zoghbi, Verbal Commendation- Operation Iraqi Freedom, Coalition Forces



  • David Jastrab – Best Delegate, Bosnia & Herz. Tripartite Presidenc
  • Colin Rosenow - Honorable Delegate, Republican National Committee
  • Aura Lee Lunde - Outstanding DelegateMoorish Resistance
  • Samantha Weinberg - Verbal CommendationUNSC


  • Jessica Merrell – Honorable Delegate, Drug Cartels
  • Daniel Freehling – Honorable Delegate, Northern Ireland
  • Aura Lee Lunde – Honorable Delegate, Ad-Hoc B: Freedom Fighters
  • Travis Cunningham, Sam Leone - Verbal Commendation, DISEC
  • Mitchell Hoke, David Jastrab - Verbal Commendation, Legal


  • Colin Rosenow - Honorable DelegateArctic Council
  • Eric Kashdan – Verbal Commendation, South African Border Wars: Peace Negotiations
  • Oliver Köster – Verbal Commendation, U.N. Security Council


  • Megan Kenslea, Caitlin O’Halloran -Honorable Delegate, WHO


  • Anthony Scavone- Best Delegate, Sundiata and the Founding of Mali
  • Mitchell Hoke- Honorable Delegate, North Korean Cabinet
  • Colin Rosenow- Honorable Delegate, Gazprom Board of Directors
  • Oriana Zoghbi Harb- Honorable Delegate, The Bolivian Cabinet



  • David Jastrab - Best Delegate, German High Command
  • Frank Pobutkiewicz - Best Delegate, IAEA
  • Tim Singer - Outstanding Delegate, IAEA
  • Travis Cunningham- Honorable Delegate, Mexican Underground Council


  • Jessica Merrell- Outstanding Delegate, JCC: Death Eaters
  • Frank Pobutkiewicz- Honorable Delegate, 1917 Russian Provisional Government


  • Lisa Hawk Scott- Outstanding Delegate, 1921 Irish Cabinet
  • Frank Pobutkiewicz- Outstanding Delegate, 1919 Treaty of Versailles
  • William Hawke Bassignani- Best Delegate, Irish Cabinet
  • Julia Lingham- Best Delegate, French Algeria
  • David Jastrab- Outstanding Delegate, Troy
  • Jessica Merrell- Honorable Delegate, FARC
  • Tim Singer- Honorable Delegate, Khamenei’s Cabinet
  • Daniel Freehling- Verbal Commendation, KGB
  • Tommy McLaughlin- Verbal Commendation, Pakistani Cabinet



  • David Jastrab- Outstanding Delegate
  • Frank Pobutkiewicz- Honorable Delegate
  • Tyler Switkay- Honorable Delegate


  • Lawrence Jones- Verbal Commendation
  • Taylor O’Brien- Verbal Commendation
  • Frank Pobutkiewicz- Verbal Commendation


  • Manasi Raveendran- Verbal Commendation
  • Josh Stickler and Frank Pobutkiewicz- Book Award


  • Aura Lunde- Outstanding Delegate
  • Arjun Gupta- Verbal Commendation
  • Cassandra Jenecke- Verbal Commendation
  • Tim Singer- Verbal Commendation
  • Tanay Khandelwal- Verbal Commendation
  • Taylor O’Brien- Verbal Commendation



  • Waleed Ali- Honorable Delegate


Outstanding Small Delegation Award

  • Waleed Ali- Best Delegate
  • Meghan Quinn- Honorable Delegate
  • Manasi Raveendran- Verbal Commendation
  • Shawna Walsh- Verbal Commendation


  • Waleed Ali- Best Delegate
  • James Johnson- Best Delegate
  • Frank Pobutkiewicz- Honorable Delegate
  • Meghan Quinn- Verbal Commendation
  • Craig Saltzer- Verbal Commendation
  • Al Uribe- Verbal Commendation


  • David Jastrab- Best Delegate


  • Aura Lunde- Best Delegate
  • Waleed Ali- Outstanding Delegate
  • Kaitlyn Kiernan- Outstanding Delegate
  • Taylor O’Brien- Outstanding Delegate
  • Manasi Raveendran- Verbal Commendation
  • David Jastrab- Verbal Commendation
  • Shawna Walsh- Verbal Commendation
  • Frank Pobutkiewicz- Verbal Commendation
  • James Johnson- Verbal Commendation