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Travel team

Model United Nations is an international program in which students simulate various regional and international committees and discuss highly controversial topics. Each delegate is assigned a country or individual to represent the viewpoints of via written documents and speeches. Delegates have the opportunity to travel across the nation and across the world to meet other young people of diverse backgrounds and form lifelong friendships and connections, share ideas, and be inspired.

BUIAA’s Model United Nations Travel Team is recognized by Best Delegate as one of the best in the country. We attend 5 to 6 conferences a year (namely: NSCS, UPMUNC, McMUN, HNMUN, and ChoMUN). This year, we hope to be able to be able to bring BUIAA to the West Coast by competing at UCBMUN.

The team meets weekly to improve individuals’ skills as delegates, and also hosts frequent simulations on weekends to help delegates gain more experience before competing at the conferences. No prior Model UN experience is required to join the team.

The team is looking forward to a highly successful year. If you have any questions, please email

Travel Team Awards

Travel Team Portal*

*contact the current Head Delegate for the password


The Boston Area Model United Nations Conference (BarMUN) is the collegiate conference hosted each September by Boston University’s International Affairs Association. BarMUN represents a standard of excellence and creativity unparalleled; the multi-disciplined, fast-paced, and interactive simulation truly sets it apart from the prototypical conference. BarMUN places an emphasis on non-governmental actors in order to consider a world influenced by visible and shadow actors. Delegates are challenged to respond and react to the decisions and actions their peers make throughout the conference.

Please visit for more information and email with any questions. If you are interested in staffing the conference please fill out the staff app located here!

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The Boston Invitational Model United Nations Conference, or BosMUN, is Boston University’s Model UN conference for high school delegates. It generally takes place in early February, and encompasses a variety of General Assembly, ECOSOC, Specialized, and Crisis committees – a taste of everything in MUN. We are currently looking forward to BosMUN XVIII, which is both moving to the renowned Boston Marriott Copley, and is expected to be our largest conference to date with over 1,500 delegates. Some of the Secretariat’s favorite committees include Avatar: The Last Airbender, California 2030, The Committee for the Peaceful Use of Outer Space, and the Committee for Rare Diseases.

International relations review

The International Relations Review is BU’s premiere academic journal and focuses on current international affairs. It is written and published exclusively by Boston University’s undergraduate students and features content that is far-reaching for an academic journal, ranging from academic reports on specific issues to op-ed works on current affairs of states. The IRR aims to unite the many voices within Boston University’s International Relations community to heighten awareness about pressing issues at the forefront of the international community, while giving undergraduate students the opportunity to be professionally published at an early age.

The IRR began in mid-2009, when the International Affairs Association of Boston University resolved to create an academic journal revolving around Boston University’s vast department of international relations. Its first issue had 12 pages, and included four student articles, six photos, an editorial piece and an editor’s note; and the journal has come a long way since then. Today, the IRR has two annual editions, printed in the fall and spring. The Spring 2015 issue was the largest print edition thus far, encompassing briefings, essays, photos, and opinion pieces in 64 quality pages.

Click here for more information about the IR Review and the submission process.


Civic teachers

For those who are interested in using the skills and knowledge they gain from BUIAA and their coursework to make a difference in their community, Civic Teachers serves as a link between Boston University and high schools nearby. All it takes to inspire a student and change their life forever can be one lesson, and Civic Teachers recognizes that. Whether it be about global poverty or gender equality, the 2016 United States election or the Israel-Palestine conflict, Civic Teachers engages high schoolers with weekly lessons in order to educate them about the world around them, and inspire them to pursue careers and lifestyles as changemakers, themselves. Most of our members begin with little to no previous teaching experience and work together as a team to create and teach lesson plans and create the most impactful experience possible for our students.

As the community service branch of BUIAA, our goal is not only to inform high school students of current issues in international relations, but also to encourage students to examine how global events and trends impact their lives. We teach regular lessons in local high schools on a variety of topics which have included globalization, the Arab Spring, economics, public health, and fundamentals of the UN. Topics change based on the needs of the classroom and our teachers’ particular interests and expertise.

We as creators of better “Civic Teachers” not only foster the growth and development of our students, but also create a platform for BU students to mature and develop important skills such as public speaking, communication, and community involvement. Our lessons go beyond the fundamental material taught in high school classes, allowing our students to develop their own perspectives on international issues.

Please reach out to if you have any further questions, or want to get involved.

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Global Programs provides students with a way to be involved with the global community here in Boston. This branch consists of three different activities; our weekly General Meeting, and our two annual events, Global Village and Alumni Weekend.

The BUIAA General Meeting is the place for BUIAA members from every branch to come together and discuss club matters and also global events. Eboard elections, as well as club feedback sessions will take place during the General Meeting. We also host weekly Global Insights sessions during the General Meeting, where members have the opportunity to partake in a discussion of a certain topic. Members have the opportunity to vote on which topic will be discussed, and can even host a Global Insights. The General Meeting serves as BUIAA’s open forum where members are encouraged to express their views on key global issues, as well as matters facing the club.

Global Village is our annual event in which BUIAA collaborates with the many cultural organizations on campus in order to showcase the diversity that can be found here at BU. Clubs provide food and entertainment for students, and some dance groups also perform on stage. Be sure to stop by and learn about a different part of the world!

Alumni Weekend is our second annual event that allows current students to meet, or reconnect with BUIAA alumni. By far one of BUIAA’s favorite events, it has always been a great success and has been enjoyed by the BU community, BUIAA members, and BUIAA alumni alike. Alumni Weekend is comprised of three different events, including a Model UN simulation, a bar crawl, and a gala in which BUIAA members can dress up and celebrate the achievements made over the course of the school year.

The IAA is always open to co-hosting events with other clubs and organizations; if you are interested in forming a partnership, please contact We will be posting a schedule of all events here in the near future. All events are open not only to BUIAA members, but to the Boston University community as a whole.

There are also so many ways to become involved with Global Programs, so don’t be shy to come one of our events! If you have any questions about Global Programs, be sure to email the Vice President at