Jordann Krouse

Jordann Krouse is a senior at Boston University studying International Relations with a focus in Latin America and Environmental Development, as well as Environmental Analysis and Policy. Originally born in Chicago IL, and raised in Sioux Falls, SD, Jordann decided to move to Boston based solely on whim. Luckily, as soon as she began her time at BU, she instantly found a community within the International Affairs Association. After three years and many hours spent dedicated to BUIAA, she is now happy to serve as the President of this fantastic organization for her final year at university. Please feel free to reach out at anytime at president@buiaa.org for any questions!


Vice President- Abby Partnow

Abby is a junior in the Pardee School of Global Studies concentrating on the impact of World Systems in Africa and the Middle East. Abby is originally from Fairbanks, Alaska and is an avid believer in teaching people that her state’s abbreviation (AK) belongs to Alaska and not Arkansas (AR). She considers herself a bit of a United States adventurer having originally gone to college in Vermont prior to transferring to BU last year. Abby loves Boston and the community she has found at BU, within BUIAA, and at Fenway Park (Go Sox!). Abby’s passions include: human rights, inclusion, community-building, and lots of Thai food, fundamentally. She looks forward to helping lead BUIAA this year and promote the organization’s wonderful community with outreach and inclusion. Please feel free to reach out to Abby at vp@buiaa.org with any questions regarding ways to get involved with BUIAA, transfer/new student questions, or anything!

Secretary- Alex Durand

Alex Durand is a junior at the Pardee School of Global Studies at Boston University, where he is majoring in International Relations on a Security and Diplomacy track. He started Model UN as an assistant crisis director at BarMUN and has become involved in multiple branches of the BU International Affairs Association (BUIAA), including competing on the travel team, staffing BosMUN, organizing Students for the United Nations (SUN), a travel team director, and a USG for BarMUN XII. Coming into BU as a mechanical engineer, he has also participated on BU's rocketry group BURPG, but found his passion for international relations topics. Alex has also worked at Senator Ed Markey’s office, and is looking forward to traveling with BeanMUN 2019.


Marketing Director- Neha Iyer

Neha Iyer is a senior majoring in Business Administration and concentrating in Marketing and Information Systems. From Mumbai, Neha moved to Singapore, then Boston, and her family now lives in Manila, Philippines. Neha is active on campus, as the Executive Vice President of Student Government and as President of the Questrom Peer Mentor Program. This year she is excited to serve as the Director General of BosMUN, and as a Director of the MUN team. Her goals include working in marketing before going to graduate school for management. She picks up a new catchphrase every week, and if you spend any of your time around her, you’ll too. In her free time, Neha loves going on Sporcle and playing geography quizzes, updating her color-coded planner, or getting tea and coffee in cafes around the city.

Civic Teachers Director- Jesse Lamba

Jesse Lamba is a rising junior majoring in International affairs and minoring in public relations with a focus on the middle east. He began his involvement with BUIAA as crisis staffer for the annual BOSMUN conference. Jesse has also been engaged with BARMUN and among other parts of the organization.

At BU, Jesse is involved in the public health society, on- campus research and the club golf team. He is passionate about public speaking, political debates and writing. Outside of BUIAA, Jesse enjoys exploring the sciences as well, especially psychology. He loves watching soccer, enjoys Italian cuisine and plays the piano in his free time. As an avid tennis player in high school he received the Boston Globe’s All-star award twice and competed at the regional level .Growing up in the Caribbean, Jesse absolutely loves the summer and can be found on various tennis courts, golf courses and sunny spots around the Greater Boston Area. He is thrilled to manage Civic teachers and looks forward to more involvement in BUIAA.

Head Delegate- Julia Mullert

Julia is a junior studying International Relations in the Pardee School of Global Studies, with a focus on World Systems. She began her involvement with BUIAA as a staffer in BarMUN, and since then has found her passion in several branches of the organization, having served as Chief Information Officer for BosMUN XVIII and Director for 2019’s WeMUN. Outside of the IAA, she serves as the Communications Director for Students for Reproductive Freedom on campus, and spent last semester working at Physicians for Human Rights in their Sexual Violence in Conflict Zones program. Julia loves cold brew iced coffee, putting her brunch on social media, and the first season of the seminal classic Gossip Girl. She is incredibly excited to be serving as Head Delegate of the Travel Team in the upcoming year!

BosMUN Secretary General- Taylor Cowser

Taylor is a senior in the Sargent College of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences studying Human Physiology and Public Health. She began Model UN her freshman year of high school in New Canaan, CT, and competed throughout her four years, serving as her team's captain her senior year. Once arriving at Boston University, Taylor quickly became involved in BUIAA, primarily with the Boston Invitational Model United Nations Conference, chairing DISEC for BosMUN XVI, serving as the Under-Secretary General of General Assemblies for BosMUN XVII, the Director General of BosMUN XVIII, and now the Secretary General of BosMUN XIX. Taylor is incredibly excited to be serving as this year's Secretary General and on the BUIAA Executive Board, and is looking forward to creating the best BosMUN yet!

BarMUN Secretary General- Akash Chopra

Akash is a junior pursuing a double major in Economics and International Relations at Boston University. He was born in India and raised in Singapore. At Boston University, he is a Dean’s Ambassador for the Pardee School of Global Studies and a Dean's Host for the College of Arts & Sciences. Within BUIAA, Akash has participated in every BarMUN and BosMUN conference beginning from his freshman year. In his free time, he enjoys biking and exploring different cities. Akash is extremely excited to be serving as the Secretary General for BarMUN XII, and is looking forward to creating a memorable learning experience for all.

Co Editor-in-Chief - Kavya Verma

Kavya Verma is a senior studying International Relations with a regional focus in Europe and a functional focus in Security Studies. Kavya has been an active member of BUIAA since 2017 and served on the BosMUN XVIII Secretariat as Outreach Director. She most recently was a Reseach Lead at the ADL Co-Lab where she analyzed hate speech and cyber security on platforms such as 4Chan, Discord and Stormfront among white supremacist groups. She is beyond thrilled to lead the IRR this year and looks forward to taking the journal to new heights.

IRR-60 2 (1).jpg

Co Editor-in-Chief - Soo Min

Soo Min is a sophomore at Boston University studying Business Administration, intending to concentrate in Information Systems and minor in Chinese. She is originally from Seoul, South Korea but moved to Cupertino, California when she was five years old. At Boston University, Soo Min served as an editor for the International Relations Review during her freshman year and is very excited to continue on as Co-Editor in Chief this year. She hopes to be more involved with BUIAA this year and explore her passion for International Relations. Outside of school, Soo Min loves to travel and spend time with family and friends.


Students for the United Nations Director - Elisa

Elisa Cifiello is a Senior studying International Relations in the Pardee School of Global Studies, with a track in International Systems & World Order, and a regional focus in Asia. Growing up in Bangladesh and Israel, and being half Italian, half American, Elisa is driven towards a career in IR, specifically in International Development. From working with refugees and asylees at the largest refugee resettlement agency in New England full-time for a semester before university, to working with children with disabilities, Elisa interned with UNA-USA for a semester as the Youth Engagement Intern, where she worked with campus leaders to create and develop UNA-USA Chapters (SUN Chapters) across the US. This past Spring semester, Elisa worked for a human rights NGO in Geneva, Switzerland. There, Elisa worked with the Human Rights Council at the UN to seek justice for victims of human rights abuses across the world. Elisa naturally loves traveling, and is also passionate about hiking, skiing and yoga. After being involved with the startup of SUN and as Outreach Coordinator last fall, Elisa is incredibly excited to lead SUN in its first year as an official branch of BUIAA.