Alexander Pritzen

Alexander is a senior majoring in International Relations with a focus on Asia and security policy here at the Pardee School. He has been actively involved in the International Affairs Association ever since coming to Boston University as a transfer student his sophomore year. Alex has been actively engaged in every branch of the IAA, from traveling with the MUN team, to being a staff writer for the IRR, and teaching with Civic Teachers, Alex is very excited to serve the IAA this year as president. Outside of BUIAA, Alex is an avid traveler having studied and worked in both Russia and China for extended periods of time. He hopes to continue his travels working for the United States Government in some capacity after graduation. Although Alex loves international travel, for him, nothing beats an All-American road trip, with at least one stop at a Cracker Barrel.


Vice President- Jonathan Gurewich

Jonathan’s a senior studying International Relations at Boston University’s Pardee School of Global Studies, where he focuses on European Foreign Policy and Security studies. He was born and raised on Long Island, in New York. Jonathan is relatively new to BU, as he transferred from a school in New York at the beginning of his junior year. Throughout his time in Boston, Jonathan has become very involved with BUIAA, participating in both BarMUN and BosMUN, becoming involved with Travel Team, and also staffing BeanMUN in China. Alongside BUIAA, Jonathan loves exploring, shopping, and watching television. He’s very excited to welcome all BUIAA members, new and old, to Boston this fall, and hopes to see you at the weekly General Meeting!

Treasurer- Neha Iyer

Neha is a junior at Boston University, studying Business Administration and concentrating in Marketing and Information Systems. She's originally from Mumbai, then moved to Singapore and the Philippines and so she obviously fears the Boston winters. Neha has been involved in BUIAA since the start of freshman year, has staffed every MUN conference and serves as the USG of ECOSOCs for BosMUN (BUIAA's high school conference). When Neha is not doing MUN, she's either reading, updating her Goodreads/planner or watching TV shows. She firmly believes that USS Callister is the best episode of Black Mirror and if you're indifferent, she will make you watch it. More than anything else, she thinks this year is going to be great for BUIAA!"

Secretary- Alex Durand

Alex Durand is a sophomore in the Pardee School of Global Studies at Boston University, where he is majoring in International Relations on a Security and Diplomacy track. He started Model UN as an assistant crisis director at BarMUN and has become involved in multiple branches of the BU International Affairs Association (BUIAA), including competing on the travel team, staffing BosMUN, and organizing Students for the United Nations (SUN). Coming into BU as a mechanical engineer, he has also participated on BU's rocketry group BURPG. He spent last semester working at Senator Ed Markey's (D-MA) office, and spends most of his time now trying to get an internship in D.C

Julia 2.jpg

Marketing Director- Julia Mullert

Julia is a sophomore studying International Relations with a minor in Journalism. Besides serving as Marketing Director, she is the CIO for BosMUN XVIII, an active member of the travel team, and the Campus Grant Coordinator for Students for Reproductive Justice at BU. She also works at My Life My Choice, an anti-human trafficking organization based in Boston. When not in school, you can find her dabbling in writing, photography, and podcasting, or binge watching Veronica Mars.

Civic Teachers Director- Jennifer Ahn

Jennifer is a rising sophomore majoring in International Relations and minoring in Korean. Being born in South Korea, but raised in the United States, has caused her to pursue a passion in the diplomatic relations between the two countries. As the director of Civic Teachers, Jennifer is excited to share and spared her love for International Relations to both its members and the students in the Boston school area. Outside of BUIAA, she loves eating McDonald’s and excessively quoting The Office.

Head Delegate- Danielle Wallner

Danielle is a senior studying International Relations with a focus on Russia and Security at the Pardee School. Besides, serving as Head Delegate this year, Danielle has previously served as the Secretary of the IAA, and on the BarMUN X Secretariat. She is really excited to serve as Head Delegate, so excited that she did MUN this summer as a Diplomacy Fellow for Best Delegate. Outside of BUIAA, Danielle enjoys traveling, antiquing, ordering take out because she is a terrible cook. Last summer Danielle studied abroad in Russia (with our wonderful President, Alex Pritzen), and is excited to go back one day! Originally from the suburbs of Chicago, Danielle loves everything Midwest.

BosMUN Secretary General- Joanna Wagner

Joanna Wagner is a junior in the Kilachand Honors College and the Pardee School of Global Studies, where she is majoring in International Relations and minoring in Environmental Analysis and Policy. She has been participating in Model UN since her sophomore year of high school, and has served as the USG of Crisis for BosMUN XVII, as well as chaired and crisis directed for both BosMUN and BarMUN. In addition to BUIAA, at BU she's involved with Delta Phi Epsilon, Reproductive Health and Policy Advocates, the Center for Career Development, and BU Terpsichore, and she hopes to someday work in the area of environmental policy and resource allocation. She is absolutely thrilled and humbled to be serving as the Secretary General for BosMUN XVIII, and is looking forward to creating what she’s sure will be the best BosMUN yet!

BarMUN Secretary General- Akash Chopra

Akash is a junior pursuing a double major in Economics and International Relations at Boston University. He was born in India and raised in Singapore. At Boston University, he is a Dean’s Ambassador for the Pardee School of Global Studies and a Dean's Host for the College of Arts & Sciences. Within BUIAA, Akash has participated in every BarMUN and BosMUN conference beginning from his freshman year. In his free time, he enjoys biking and exploring different cities. Akash is extremely excited to be serving as the Secretary General for BarMUN XII, and is looking forward to creating a memorable learning experience for all.

Co Editor-in-Chief - Raina Kadavil

Raina Kadavil is a senior at Boston University studying International Relations with focuses in Security Studies and the Middle East and Africa. She is the co-founder of a nonprofit called Global Ambassadors, the author of the Fiction novel “The Voice of Thunder,” and a Bollywood dancer. She has been a part of BUIAA and the International Relations Review since her freshman year and is the founder of both REACT News and Students for the United Nations. She loves traveling and has worked in London, Sydney, and Beijing, as well as the United Nations and she especially loves exploring nature and archaeological sites around the world. She has been doing Model United Nations for over ten years and has helped to run over ten MUN conferences including BarMUN IX. Raina has been recognized for her work by the Coca-Cola Foundation, Zonta International, and Claes Nobel, among others.

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Co Editor-in-Chief - Gowtham Ashokan

Gowtham Asokan is a senior majoring in Economics and Political Science (CAS ’19). He grew up in Çorlu, Turkey and loves exploring new cities across America. Gowtham first joined BUIAA by staffing International Relations Review and later BarMUN IX. His past roles include CFO of BarMUN X and a variety of staffing roles across BarMUN and BosMUN. He jointly manages the International Relations Review, Boston University’s premier academic journal. His other interests include: Chess, catching the newest movie playing, and taking the nearest Lime bike for a ride.