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Students for the un

Students for the United Nations (SUN) is Boston University's chapter of UNA-USA, created with the goal of engaging BU students in meaningful community service on the local and global levels while also educating them about the United Nations and better connecting them with the Boston United Nations network. We fundraise for a different global cause each year; perform community service at the local level with frequent events like hikes to clean up preserves and volunteering at soup kitchens and food pantries; and participate in Students Rebuild's art-service challenges. We also visit the United Nations each year to engage with other young people and global leaders at conferences such as the Global Engagement Summit or the ECOSOC Youth Forum. Our goal is to advance the Sustainable Development Agenda by giving students the ability to be a part of something bigger than themselves.

Global Village 2017

Global Village 2017

Special Events

Throughout the year BUIAA hosts and co-hosts multiple events that dive into different issues and areas of interest of international relations. Last year BUIAA was proud to help host João Vale de Almeida, Head of the Delegation of the EU to the UN, hold a panel discussion with 5 diplomats from the Nordic Countries, partner with Amnesty International on a interactive discussion on human rights, and co-sponsor an all day conference remembering the 5 year anniversary of the Boston Marathon Bombing, and the implications it had to international relations.

Within BU, BUIAA hosts the annual Global Village in which international student groups all gather in Metcalf hall in a nevening in celebration with food, dancing, and good conversation. Finally, BUIAA hosts a yearly Alumni week which brings current memebers and those who have graudated back together for a networking event and a formal gala. 

If you have any intrest in co-hosting/sponsoring an event with the IAA please contact  with all inquires and questions.